Wil Power Entertainment (WPE), founded in 1996, is a full-service lifestyle marketing agency. We provide means to maximize your brand’soverall marketing capabilities and the lucrative sales results that follow. We excel in our capacity to curtail strategies, planning, development, and creative designs. These marketing factors are original to clients’ specific commercial, executive, and operational structures. WPE implements and manages advertisement and marketing campaigns for clients seeking to maximize brand loyalty and customer retention, reinforce brand awareness specifically among potential clientele, enhance product satisfaction, and gather valuable market research information from niche market segments. Through these procedures, WPE enables companies to expand market segmentation. 

Wil Power Entertainment possesses a pristine understanding of the numerous interests and needs within a variety of African American communities; therefore, our client-centered marketing campaigns are designed to establish and promote meaningful engagement accessibility between client brands and the African American audience. Many times, marketing geared toward the amalgamation of diverse African American populations has been implemented poorly and ineffectively; in addition, there has been little research into innovative means to uncover the wealth that the African American community possesses. As a leading brand marketing firm, WPE researches, generates, and supplies familiar, yet avant-garde marketing concepts for clients of multimedia, specifically in the industries of television, film, recording labels, and global consumer brands.

The African American audience has a range of histories, financial and economic practices, family and community structures, as well as social and religious perspectives that have often been ignored, overlooked, or assimilated into a relatively generalized, bland American culture. Through this practice in marketing, there has been a significant polarization of how the African American consumer is perceived, leading to numerous companies making a number of mistakes that translate to a lack of authenticity in concern and drive for African American commercial constituency- or in layman’s terms- “Black Spending Power”. Any target market is less likely to invest in a brand that is perceived as not understanding or respecting ethnic and cultural nuisances. Many times this lack of embracing multiculturalism is evident in the presentation of placing caricatures of people and their cultural icons or values in marketing media. WPE believes and promotes authenticity with culturally-sensitive strategies that establish highly-effective, comprehensive marketing campaigns. These campaigns are designed to a scale that taps into the lifestyle and culture of the African-American audience and embraces the community phenomenon and marketing platform of Urban Beauty Salon Marketing.


Wil Power Entertainment Branding


" Thank you so much for your work on Barber Shop. We could not have been as successful at the box office without support from organizations such as yours. Your efforts helped move us into the position of having one of the most successful African-American films of all time."

K. Thorpe MGM Studios National Field Operations Director

Wil Power provides excellent results!  They do a great job with targeted promotion that yields measurable feedback and creates a buzz in the market.  It's always a pleasure to work with them.

Lisa M., Columbia Records


"I highly recommend their services. The marketing plan provided was on target with the demographic in which I was trying reach and the execution far exceeded my expectations. I have worked with this company on serval different projects from developing acts to established ones. Each plan was tailored made for the artist and effectively made the connection. 

In addition to a great plan, they managed the campaign very well. Always kept me informed as well as being proactive when necessary."

T.S. RCA Records Marketing Director