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AT&T tapped WP Integrated Marketing to maximize awareness around the AT&T Code of Culture campaign. We developed and executed an African American targeted campaign including beauty salon and barbershop influencer outreach, experiential activations and social media management . It was supported with custom content integrations, creating an audio experience of the code through custom radio programming, grassroots OOH, display and social.

Understanding the cultural significance of beauty salons and barbershops as a way to drive buzz and WOM within the African-American community, WPIM activated selected beauty and barbershops in the top AA markets across the nation. Beauty and barbershop activations included customized ‘in-store’ merchandising to enhance the barber and beauty shop experience for AA patrons as well as street teaming activities to increase awareness.

Salon Takeovers and Screening Parties
To promote the AT&T Cultural Codes campaign our ambassadors distributed branded premium assets (designed and developed as custom pieces for salon distribution) to top beauty salons and barbershops in key markets . The branded swag and subsequent distribution were an effective way to reach a captive AA consumer, while organically messaging about AT&T through branded premiums. The branded swag items served as a conversation starter and buzz driver of the AT&T brand through an interactive and immersive experience.

Social Media Strategy
Tasked with coordinating salon social media, we developed a curated list of beauty salon influencers with engaged fan bases that aligned with AT&T's target demographic. To maximize reach, we worked with salon/barber influencers to develop creative concepts that felt authentic to their followers.

Driving conversation in the community
Shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, AT&T beauty and barbershop experience was a hit among AA consumers.



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