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October 2017

Reach African-Americans through targeted promotions and outreach by hitting key cultural touch points such as nail and beauty salons to garner support for shows campaign.

Understanding the cultural significance of nail and beauty salons/barbershops as a way to drive buzz and WOM within the African-American community, WPE activated selected beauty and nail salons in top AA markets across the nation. Beauty and nail salon activations includedcustomized ‘in-store’ events to enhance the salon experience for AA patrons as well as street teaming activities to increase awareness and excitement for the television series.

Beauty Salon Takeovers
To promote the TNT Claws series and to highlight the shows nail themed storyline , our salon ambassadors distributed Claws branded assets (designed and developed as custom pieces for salon distribution) to top nail and beauty salons . The branded swag and subsequent distribution were an effective way to reach a captive AA audience, while organically messaging about the Claws series through branded premiums. The branded swag items served as a conversation starter and buzz driver celebrating nail art and the shows theme.

Salon Takeovers and Screening Parties
The top salons in each market hosted advance screening takeover events in support Claws. This is an opportunity to have a front row seat and appeal to a segment that yields tremendous influence in shaping the overall urban AA female WPE “eventized” the activations by creating the consumer engagement opportunity for women to get pampered and watch the pilot show of Claws . The screenings included key tastemakers, influencers and social media to spread the word about the claws advance screening experience.

Beauty Salon Takeovers
To target African-American females, an important consumer segment for the show, WPE “took over” top beauty salons across the nation to host an exclusive Claws experience. Each salon takeover included special event elements such as: free manicures, massages, food and drinks, screening opportunities and more.

Driving Conversation in the CommunityDriving Conversation in the Community

  • Shared over 5,000 times on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and ‘liked’ by over 100,000 fans,The Claws nail and salon experience was a hit with AA audiences.
  • The Beauty and Nail Salon campaign received over 2.9 million impressions to date. 


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