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Sept.-Oct. 2012

Challenge: RCA Records needed a creative way to market Miguel's new album to his fan base and wanted a direct pipeline to the AA female audience. 

Situation Analysis: RCA Records wanted to reach those Urban AAW adult radio listeners18-34 that are still physical buyers. 

Solution: WPE developed an urban salon campaign that taps into the lifestyle and culture of the African-American female audience. WPE utilized salon ambassadors to prominently display one sheet posters and distribute sampler CD’s. This took place in the top 8 markets. 

• Over 200,000 consumers reached in 6 markets
• Generated excitement through stylists handing out sampler CD’s
• Samplers were provided to salons to put on rotation 

Results: Miguel's Kaleidoscope album sold over 68,000 copies the first week, while Adorn sits at #1 on Billboard R&B/Hip Hop songs chart for it's 5th straight week.

Miguel Album


Miguel Album

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