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August 27, 2012

NBC needed a creative way to draw AAW viewers 25-54 to tune-in to the new Steve Harvey daytime talk show.

Situation Analysis: 
NBC had a few obstacles to overcome when promoting. First talk show genre has a lot of competition among networks. 

WPE designed a multi-tiered urban salon campaign that tapped into the lifestyle and culture of the African-American female audience.

• Over 300,000 consumers reached through 1,200 beauty salons in 6 markets
• Generated excitement through distributing thousands of branded styling capes to salon owners and branded manicuring sets.

• The show/posted a solid 1.5/4 in the metered market households. That was a 50% improvement of the time period vs last September and up 25% from its lead-in. Among women 18-34, Steve Harvey (0.9/5) was up 80% from last year.




Steve Harvey Talk Show


Steve Harvey Talk Show

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