Urban Salon Marketing
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 While African-Americans are voracious consumers of media such as television, radio and print, many companies assume that there is no need to advertise to Black audiences through African-American out-of-home outlets such as urban beauty salons. This is a missed opportunity for companies, who can use such outlets to reach Black consumers in trusted environments where Blacks see themselves most often reflected.
These deeply ingrained urban beauty businesses have precipitated brand new ad space where none existed before. Unlike TV, radio or print, WPE’s urban beauty salon marketing message cannot be time shifted, turned off, or put down. WPE's marketing philosophy is simple, we focus on reaching consumers when they are most receptive and captive, when life itself slows them down. This is precisely the moment when the connection is thoroughly easier to make. We reach your target consumer at the salon when they have the time and right frame of mind to effortlessly engage with your brand messages and impressions.
This format delivers tremendous stopping power that reaches it’s consumer providing your brand message in a relevant and convenient manner.
African-American consumers spend over 300 billion a year on hair care services alone. WPE is the progenitor and leader in urban beauty salon marketing. After years of development and numerous instances of marketing success within urban salons, WPE reached a milestone in designing a system in which clients would better reach and retain patrons within these health and beauty establishments.
The Wil Power Marketing team is positioned in over 40 such markets nationwide. WPE possess strong, well-established relationships and business transactions with thousands of African-American and general market beauty salons that cater to the urban African American demographic. Salons are deeply ingrained businesses within the community; they have provided meeting places external from work or religious facilities and embraced social and economic interaction within the community. The salon has become a social club in which patrons and beauty service providers have forged an interdependent relationship, enabling both parties a means to enjoy absolute satisfaction.
Through urban beauty salon marketing, WPE custom designs strategies and campaigns that provide direct and prolonged access to loyal and lucrative audiences based in the African American demographic. Companies are always in search of strategic marketing services. Time is money, and WPE provides images and field reports that can be accessed in hours. WPE implements advantageous strategies in competitive location verifications and photo documentation application.

The urban beauty salon demographic WPE centers around is mostly AA women and men.
Although they represent 12 percent to 13 percent of consumers, their influence on consumption can be much bigger than that. When you do brand campaigns with African Americans at their heart, that can drive the entire business. The durable buying power of the 25-54 year old, African-American consumer has proven to be a commercial phenomenon, indeed. This is an opportunity to reach an audience that is desired by advertisers, and can be enormously successful.
This conscious shopper lives an upwardly mobile lifestyle and is responsible for the growth of many luxury brands. She is a shopper that not only purchases goods and services for herself, but as a mother and/or wife in many other instances; this enables greater expansion into the urban market for any particular brand. Targeting this segment has the potential to increase global companies market share among the key African-American female consumer. According to our research, not only does this segment possess higher earning households, they shop more and spend more than the total non-African-American population. As a global brand or entertainment company seeking to connect with this consumer you must undoubtedly consider the urban African-American contemporary consumer as a segment for potential growth.

These are middle to upper-class, urban professional men and women who are socially, politically, culturally, and economically-adept. They value the quality and skill placed in health, beauty, and fashion goods and services. The reason this demographic is so essential to greater profits for numerous corporations is that urban professionals lead very fast-paced and hectic, yet successful lives.With constant movement and various transactions, the interaction between such professionals within urban beauty facilities generates interplay in which the core values of such patrons can be easily aligned with brands’ visions of commercial success. 

Due to the limits on visual and aural advertisements, many companies struggle for room in numerous multimedia venues to reach the urban beauty salon demographic. WPE provides specific, time-sensitive access which prolongs overall media exposure through product placement. This strategy in marketing alone enriches opportunities to generate greater, more affluent revenues for global consumer brands and entertainment companies. In this sense, the exposure to the urban professional who possesses a substantial amount of disposable income is a unique opportunity for companies that meet key demographical needs. WPE’s custom-designed marketing strategies contain a comprehensive means to establish and maintain commercial consistency among the urban beauty salon demographic. Due to the amount of time patrons spend in urban beauty salons, they are a captive audience who is exposed to a high amount of marketing campaigns. They interact with goods and service providers with a more direct, hands-on experience. This is a one-on-one engagement versus the removed, distant, and seemingly aloof advertisement via billboards and magazine ads. WPE provides marketing exposure for brands that recognize patrons’ needs, and at the same time, makes them a more conscious part of the sales-purchase process.

" Having worked with Wil Power Ent. in the music space, I can affirm the niche marketing expertise they bring to our Urban and Urban Adult projects. Wil Power Ent. has continuously been a great marketing partner that delivers results and accountability with full reporting throughout a campaign."

Nicole RCA Records Marketing Director


"Wil, I haven't had the pleasure of working with you directly, but I too want to thank you for your support and hard work on our behalf. We are excited about the strong start to the series, and share this early success with you. 


K. C. VP, Marketing TV Land