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Wil Power Entertainment (WPE), founded in 1996, is a full-service lifestyle marketing agency. We provide means to maximize your brand’s overall marketing capabilities and the lucrative sales results that follow. We excel in our capacity to curtail strategies, planning, development, and creative designs. These marketing factors are original to clients’ specific commercial, executive, and operational structures. WPE implements and manages advertisement and marketing campaigns for clients seeking to maximize brand loyalty and customer retention, reinforce brand awareness specifically among potential clientele, enhance product satisfaction, and gather valuable market research information from niche market segments. Through these procedures, WPE enables companies to expand market segmentation. 

Wil Power Entertainment possesses a pristine understanding of the numerous interests and needs within a variety of African American communities; therefore, our client-centered marketing campaigns are designed to establish and promote meaningful engagement accessibility between client brands and the African American audience. Many times, marketing geared toward the amalgamation of diverse African American populations has been implemented poorly and ineffectively; in addition, there has been little research into innovative means to uncover the wealth that the African American community possesses. As a leading brand marketing firm, WPE researches, generates, and supplies familiar, yet avant-garde marketing concepts for clients of multimedia, specifically in the industries of television, film, recording labels, and global consumer brands.

The African American audience has a range of histories, financial and economic practices, family and community structures, as well as social and religious perspectives that have often been ignored, overlooked, or assimilated into a relatively generalized, bland American culture. Through this practice in marketing, there has been a significant polarization of how the African American consumer is perceived, leading to numerous companies making a number of mistakes that translate to a lack of authenticity in concern and drive for African American commercial constituency- or in layman’s terms- “Black Spending Power”. Any target market is less likely to invest in a brand that is perceived as not understanding or respecting ethnic and cultural nuisances. Many times this lack of embracing multiculturalism is evident in the presentation of placing caricatures of people and their cultural icons or values in marketing media. WPE believes and promotes authenticity with culturally-sensitive strategies that establish highly-effective, comprehensive marketing campaigns. These campaigns are designed to a scale that taps into the lifestyle and culture of the African-American audience and embraces the community phenomenon and marketing platform of Urban Beauty Salon Marketing. 

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Wil Shelton, CEO

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De Verges B. Jones
CMO|S VP|General Manager

De Verges Jones is an executive level passionate marketing and branding leader with strong general management skills. He has a Fortune 500 legacy from: Kraft General Foods, Pepsi, Mars, Inc., BristolMyers Squibb and Philips. He has a BA degree from Morehouse College and an MBA from Cornell University Johnson Graduate School of Management. De Verges has managed on a global stage three billion dollar brands including: Pepsi, Pedigree dog food and Philips. He has led the marketing efforts for other major brands including: Maxwell House Coffee, Country Time Lemonade, Frost and Tip, Lady Clairol, Philips Earth light, Herbal Essence, Wells Fargo (mortgage and credit) and Burger King.

De Verges has been instrumental in gaining market share, improving brand loyalty, driving long term sustainable profitability for the brands he has managed. He also has led the development of Clio, Effie and CEBA award winning advertising. He has an intimate knowledge of media and advertising having worked at two ad agencies, General Manager for Empower Media Marketing, CMO for an internet vertical B2C start-up (eBility. com), CMO for Muse Communications and S VP Management Supervisor for Uniworld Group Advertising.

In addition to extensive general audience expertise, De Verges also has advanced skills in multicultural and ethnic marketing and communication. He prides himself on being an expert in product launch optimization. Jones has launched over fifty brands representing several thousand sku’s in his career in a vast array of traditional and digital channels of distribution. He is a bottom line focused marketer that has also made major contributions involving turnaround situations at Mars, Inc, and Philips Lighting which collectively resulted in over one hundred million in profit recovery.

Jones currently has been involved in many entrepreneurial start-ups optimizing his 21st century technology skills. Over the last four years through his independent consultancy The Marketing Leadership Group he has been engaged in diverse areas including: COO for Health 2 Humanity soap, Developed plan for a Louisiana based food wholesalers based on shifting to chain business, GIFCO gourmet foods did feasibility analysis for entry into the food service channel, Developed brand positioning for Septium custom software, Acting CMO for an advanced lip synch animation start-up ( Total Synch), Gamer Grub — advisor to first video gamer snack food, F-Factor Diets — consultant on distribution and franchise opportunities, and Telmedx (cellular medicine start-up). Most recently he is COO for Health 2 Humanity soap, working ZUZN OW (UX/UI) technology for smart phones, an emerging liquid supplement beverage company, Rejuvenate (organic foods and oils) and developing a plan of action for a Chinese food and packaging company.

De Verges is a member of the Cornell University Johnson School Marketing Mentorship Program, a Member of the U CI Executive Mentorship Program and Executive in Residence at Chapman University. Mr. Jones was awarded the 2013 Wilbur Parker Distinguished Alumni Award from Cornell University Johnson School of Management in October. He has served on the board of directors of Cal State San Marcos Business School and was for six years on the board of the Children’s Museum of Orange County. He also participates in Orange County Tech Business, Tech Coast Venture Network and Octane meetings.

Our Work


 May 28, 1996

Founded in 1996

Wil Power Entertainment (WPE), founded in 1996, is a full-service lifestyle marketing agency.  

May 29, 2008

Agency Connects With 100 Million Customers Through Hair.

For its impressive brand activations, Wil Power Entertainment has an unexpected advantage: its vast network of over 100,000 independent salons and barbershops across the country. And this strategy seems to be paying off.  

 March 3rd, 2019

Media Capabilities

Today’s toughest marketing challenges lie in making a real connection with African American consumer. Wil Power Integrated Marketing (WPIM) makes that happen.

Salons in action

Wil Power implements and manages advertisement and marketing campaigns for clients seeking to maximize brand loyalty and customer retention, reinforce brand awareness, specifically among potential clientele, enhance product satisfaction, and gather valuable market research information from niche market segments. Through these procedures, Wil Power enables companies to expand market segmentation.  


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Harper Collins needed a creative way to create awareness about Steve Harvey's Think Like a man book and wanted a direct pipeline to the AA female audience. 

Situation Analysis: We wanted to reach the Urban AAW adult 25-54 segment that belong to book clubs. 

WPE developed an urban salon campaign that taps into the lifestyle and culture of the African-American female audience. WPE utilized salon ambassadors to prominently display one sheet posters and distribute branded book marks and copies of the book. This took place in the top 6 markets. 

• Over 200,000 consumers reached in 6 markets
• Generated excitement through stylists handing out copies of the book at the salon